miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

ubicación agus

The implications of symbiotic revolution for human survival: A simbiodiversity approach
Symbiodiversity Research Group. University of Málaga. SPAIN
Simbiodiversity: an open conversation within life

Endosymbiogenesis, Gene Ecology, Horizontal Gen Transfer, Biodiversity, Synchronicity and Quantum Mechanics, Gaia Theory,
Symbiosis Universality, Autopoiesis, Bacterial Social Communication, Life is Just a Dance

Biophilia, Loving Biology, Pet and Psychology, Indigo Hiperactive Children, Deep Ecology, Perception Ecology, Mirror's Neurons, Codomestication, Transpersonal Psychology, Fuzzy Logic

Feminism in Science, Enteogenic Knowledge Symbiosis, Anarcoprimitivism and Zapatismo, Science as Multicultural Symbiosis, Fourth World Empowerment, Ecofeminism, Matristic Arqueology and Revival, Multicultural Globalization, Reapropiation of Our Bodies, Global Resistance

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